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[profile] lostraiders_rp :: statistics & permissions


(fate/stay night, heaven's feel)
eastling | [ profile] hrairoo

Appearance Appears late twenties or early thirties and stands just shy of 6'2". Grey eyes and white hair; middling-dark skin. Heavily muscled. Dresses in black body armor and a red cloak and mantle like some kind of dumbass superhero.

Abilities Superhuman strength, speed, and endurance as a Servant; the ability to assume an intangible and invisible form as a spirit; projection magic, which allows him to temporarily create objects, especially swords, out of thin air; various other things. See below.

Pings &c. Archer feels like a ghost or spirit made up of magical energy to anyone who can sense that sort of thing. However, he is totally solid and does not particularly appear ghostly in any way. In addition, to those who can read the nature of souls, Archer's has some kind of alignment with humanity as a whole and a strong affinity with the concept of "swords." Finally, telepaths and empaths will find that his mind is constantly boiling over with bitterness and self-loathing.


☉ Be restrained
☉ Say something incredibly stupid
☉ Make someone smile
☉ Be treated like a pet
☉ ???
☉ ???
☉ ???
⚫ Cook something new
⚫ Tell a story of a hero
⚫ Get impaled
⚫ Give oral sex
⚫ Clean an entire room
⚫ Get stepped on
⚫ Have someone else on top of him


Romance ✅✅
Sex ✅✅✅
Violence ✅✅
Torture/Gross ✅✅✅

I am down for pretty much all the gross and kinky things, and also a lot of melodrama and purple prose when the mood hits. Please contact me if you have any questions or just want to plan something cool or awful!