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[ court ] statistics.

Name Haku (Archer) (steelmyself, fate/stay night (previous game: a forest dark))
Rank Pawn
SILVER 00112

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES Just shy of 6'2". Grey eyes and white hair; middling-dark skin. Heavily muscled. Over his right eye he wears an eyepatch with a single pink petal embroidered on it.
☆ Cook something new ♥$
☆ Have a vision during sex ♥♥$$
☆ Give control over to Follis ♥$$
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
☆ ???
★ Tell a story of a hero ♥$
★ Clean a whole room $$
★ Sincere smiles ♥
★ Get beaten up by someone smaller and cuter than he is ♥$$
★ Give oral sex ♥
★ Talk about a vision ♥$$
★ Get impaled ♥♥♥$$$
★ Have blood drunk from him ♥$
★ Get stabbed ♥♥$$
★ Have someone else on top of him ♥$
★ Put up with anger and insults that cover up affection or other squishy feelings ♥
★ Show affection for another ♥$
★ Sexual activity while restrained in some way ♥♥$$
★ Get stepped on ♥$
★ Emotionally meaningful sexual activity ♥♥$

Haku pings as a ghost or spirit made up of magical energy to anyone who can sense that sort of thing. However, he is totally solid and does not particularly appear ghostly in any way. He does appear to be halfway dead: sluggish bloodflow, not quite as warm as a living human should be. He does not ping as corrupted or unholy, despite him being corrupted.

To those who can read the nature of souls, Haku's has some kind of alignment with humanity as a whole and a strong affinity with the concept of "swords."

Telepaths and empaths will find that his mind is constantly boiling over with bitterness and self-loathing. They will also note that there are two entities in his head, although one reads as submerged within Haku's consciousness and is very difficult to read.

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